Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The disaster of Jayson Werth

Last off-season, the Washington Nationals surprised some people and signed Jayson Werth to a long-term big money contract. The results are coming in, and they aren't pretty.  This year's WASP was 4228.4. To meet Halladay Standard in 2012, he has to put up a 4.5 WAR. In 2013, he must put up a 5.5 WAR, in '14, he must put up a 6.86 WAR, 7.2 each year in '15-'17. His career high was in 2010, a 5.2. According to, Werth is 16.63 percent of the National's payroll and just 6.77 percent of the team's performance. His PPG was just 1.1, and for comparison Ryan Roberts of the Diamondbacks had a 1.31 (while making just $421,000), Chris Davis had a 1.03 PPG for the Orioles (also at $421,000), J.D. Martinez had a 1.32 PPG for the Astros (while making minimum salary), and Brett Gardner had a 1.13 PPG for the Yankees (making just $530,000). One thing good about Werth, is that mainly because of his walks and decent steal percentage, his PAPP is a solid 2.4. However, one could find a similar list of players making very little money with better or similar PAPP.
The Nationals have just the 23rd highest payroll in baseball, and they have really good young talent that will come up and play for very little money and be able to produce, but they will still need to be able to plug holes in free agency and trades. Because Werth eats up so much salary, it is harder to do that.

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