Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How we did: Week 18 picks

Big D in Bold, I in Italics

Texans pick apart Bengals
Excuse: The two things I counted on in Cincinnati: Andy Dalton and the defense, failed miserably. Marvin Lewis also showed complete incompetence in managing the game, especially with his two silly challenges. How he still has a job every year is almost as amazing as Norv Turner.
Saints pass all over Lions
Giants bash Falcons
Excuse: Really 2 4th and inches plays turned this thing around. Mike Smith didn't look very impressive either.
Broncos shock Steelers
Excuse: I thought an injured Big Ben and Tebow was as bad as quarterback play gets. Then I watched LSU and Alabama play.

Big D: 1-3, 58-40 overall
I: 1-3, 60-38 overall

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