Monday, October 15, 2012

Scouting Report on TCU (Fall 2012)

Below is my scouting report on TCU from their fall game against Rice.
Here is my scouting report on TCU from the Spring:
Here is my scouting report on Rice:

Trevor Seidenberger is a junior left-hander that doesn't throw very hard (mid to upper 80s). His fastball is best when it is low and arm side. He has a good glove side change that really worked when it got in and looked quite a bit like a fastball until late. He can't live over the middle of the plate to right-handed hitters (I guess no one can, but he especially can't).

Nick Frey has good height (6-4) but needs to fill out (185). He threw a lot of weak fastballs over the plate and a lot of what looks like sliders (and maybe a change as well). Overall, there were too many pitches in the middle of the plate and he was hit hard. 

Preston Morrison throws basically sidearm with his low arm angle (although his body does not get low). The velocity isn't there (around 85 MPH), but he was keeping the ball low and the ball dipped basically like a change. The pitchability makes him the kind of pitcher who can be successful in college, but rarely in the professional ranks (unless he can rack up massive platoon splits with his arm action).

Trea Teakell has a quirky delivery in which he doesn't really stride. He threw a lot of cuves with a little arm side tail on low fastballs. He located it well, but it seemed less impressive when it was high and straight.

I wrote last time that I really wanted to see Brandon Finnegan add on a couple of MPHs on his fastball. Whether it was because of the difference in radar guns, him appearing in relief instead of as a starter, or him just gaining arm strength, Finnegan was throwing 92-93 MPH on Sunday. He had good tail and action on his pitches and he kept the ball low. He threw harder than most of the pitchers in the game for either team.

Kevin Cron is a gigantic cleanup guy (listed at 6-5, 260) that doesn't look like he belongs in the infield (1st base obviously). At the plate, pitchers just stayed away from him. He didn't make good adjustments and swung through all kinds of off-speed. His swing isn't very quick.

Brett Johnson has an okay to mediocre arm. The left-handed hitter doesn't have a pretty swing as it clearly has some holes in it. He isn't real patient and is awful scrawny for a right fielder (he may be limited because of his arm). He slaps the ball the other way and is not a good runner.

Cody Jones is a small (5-11 175) center fielder that also hit lead-off. As you would expect with his skills set, he is a good bunted that also likes to go the other way. He runs well but is not what you would call a "burner".

Travis Hennessey is a pitcher/right-fielder who is pretty small (6-0 180). His arm didn't play great out in the field and he had massive issues defensively. He is not a great runner, but he swings a reasonably quick bat. He will fall for the breaking ball, even with the platoon advantage.

Jerrick Suiter is pretty big (6-4 235) behind the plate and is also listed as a pitcher. The arm accuracy wasn't there though. He was swinging from his heels and is not a good runner.

Jantzen White is a 3rd baseman that looks somewhat odd athletically (sort of an awkward build currently). He doesn't have a great swing but showed off some pull power. He looks like a mistake hitter to me, as it is hard to argue with his strength, but takes a weird step in his swing that looks pretty bad mechanically.

Paul Hendrix is the shortstop and doesn't have very good foot spped. He doesn't have a swing that can combat inside pitches and was very jammable. He will try to pull the ball and has a decent eye. Josh Gonzales was the 2B and he was a really agressive hitter that really struggled. He seemed to have a decent contact tool but he is not a runner. Paddy O'Brien really struggled behind the plate. He didn't block the ball well and had some serious issues throwing the ball. He is a catcher, so he doesn't have much speed and seemed to have a little bit of chop in his swing.

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