Saturday, October 27, 2012

College and Draft Pitching Prospects in the WWBA

As you probably know, the WWBA World Tournament was played this past weekend, despite threats of a hurricane. It is a tournament that displays a lot of future draft and college talent. Several good scouting sites are represented there and tweet and write a lot of good stuff about the players in the tournament. So here, I logged a lot of the tweets I saw about the pitchers in the tournament. I read the tweets, and then instantly forget about them usually, so this was a way to log and keep at least some of them. It also includes some college baseball pitchers that the writers also tweeted about. Being geographically locked, I wasn't able to attend any of the events, but hopefully this gathering of info into one place is helpful.

So in this spreadsheet, I wrote their names, the velocities of the pitches they threw/were tweeted about, the school they are at or are committed to, what year they are eligible for the draft, and what hand they throw with. I don't have all the info on all of them, but at least we have something.

As far as "source" goes:
"Rogers" is Kendall Rogers
"Glass" is Conor Glassey
"Gold" is Todd Gold

(Kendall Rogers is basically a really awesome follow)

You can either just view the pictures by clicking on them, save them by right clicking on them, or contact me on here in the comments/on twitter (@clinthulsey)/or via email ( and I will send you the spreadsheet itself (I upload screenshots of the spreadsheet because it is easier with Blogger).

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