Monday, October 22, 2012

Sam Houston State Scouting Report

Here is my scouting reports on Sam Houston State from their game against the University of Texas on Sunday October 21:

Anthony Azar was the starting catcher, and in pre-game warmups I liked his arm better than backup Juan Cortina even though Azar struggled with arm accuracy during the game. He is also smaller and more athletic than Cortina, and it was almost too small. He runs a 4.35 to first, which is pretty good for a catcher. He showed some plate discipline at the plate too.

Cortina also pitched and is pretty stocky with really basic mechanics. He has a decent fastball, at least adequate velocity, and keeps the ball low. He rarely threw off-speed and it looked like a change.

Romeo Cortina is a right-handed batting center fielder. He looks like he gets good jumps and reads in the field, but is a little slow at 4.31. He isn't a small guy though.

Kevin Miller is a big 3rd baseman that looks athletic out in the field. However, the Longhorns were able to bunt to his side a couple of times in a row for hits. He was also very disappointing at the plate. Dirk Masters practiced at 1st, but only DH'ed. He had a ugly swing and was late on the fastball. Greg Olson is a tall scrawny left-handed batter that I clocked at 7.80 on a double.

Ran O'Hearn was the starting first baseman with a pull swing. You can probably get on him and he isn't as patient as you would like. He has decent size, especially his frame and ran a 4.37 to first from the left side.

Dalton Perry is stocky but a fluid runner. He has an uppercut swing that may give him some power. Shortstop Corey Toups will chase at the plate, but has a solid contact tool. His swing isn't flat and his bat isn't as fast as you would like it to be.

Luck Plucheck was the leadoff left fielder with good size and really good speed. He was fooled on off-speed though. Starting 2nd baseman was Jesse Plumlee had some good looking range defensively. However, at the plate, he didn't very good swings.

Spence Rahm is a slow awkward runner, but the right-handed batter has good size and played 1st base in warmups (but DH'ed in the game). He struck a high fastball really well and had plate discipline that seemed at least average. I am not a huge fan of his swing though. 

Caleb Smith is probably the biggest name on Sam Houston State's roster. The lefty isn't very big and isn't very tall (so he doesn't seem to have room to fill out). However, he is able to keep the ball to righties. He gave up a lot of contact though and his fastball looked a little straight. It really wasn't that impressive, and he threw it in the middle of the plate too much. When he sunk it, his fastball was better. He can throw his off-speed for strikes, but when he threw his curveball, it usually stayed up.

Jason Sims is a right-handed pitcher with good height and potential to add weight. He has really ugly mechanics but good looking velocity. He isn't afraid to pitch inside to lefties. Mechanics aside, I think he is better than Smith. He has a changeup as well that he can't really throw for strikes, but does a good job overall of throwing both high and low with his fastball. The breaking ball looks really good (looks like a slider) and he dominates right-handed hitters so much that he doesn't even need to go to his fastball.

Cody Dickson's high fastball looks good and the left-handed pitcher is not tall but has perhaps a little room to fill out. He had some release point problems with his breaking ball, usually bouncing it before it got to the plate. His control needs work, but I kind of like him stuff wise (I would rate him at least close to Smith, if not even better).

Andrew Godail is a lefty that has knee dip in his delivery and releases the ball over the top (but simultaneously low). It seems he gets some good extension, but had problems repeating it.

Logan Boyd is a small lefty with a similar delivery to Godail. He threw a lot of off-speed and his command was really spotty.

David Rumsey brings his hands over his head and has a high leg kick (like you see in many short JUCO RHP, see my Weatherford Tournament articles). He was not throwing hard and his fastball tends to tail gloveside.

Alan Scott is a tall lefty, but he still comes sidearmed. He was less than impressive.

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