Thursday, January 31, 2013

Non Roster Invitees: Pitcher Velocity

To finish the Non Roster Invitee series, I looked at all of the official pitcher non roster invitees (as of January 30th) and sorted them by velocity. There were a handful of ones that I couldn't find velocity data for, so I took them off. I also put handedness on the sheet, but sorted them by velocity. I gathered the velocity data from FanGraphs for pitchers that have been in the Majors, Brooks Baseball for pitchers that have not been in the Majors but have pitched in the Arizona Fall League or a Pitch F/X Spring Training park, and my collection of minor league velocity for other pitchers. For the rest of them, I found scouting reports on (obviously I didn't for a few of them). Instead of using ranges, I used averages, as that is what Pitch F/X systems use obviously. So for scouting reports and my minor league velocity collection, I just used the median. Here is the spreadsheet:
The lack of left-handed velocity is interesting. 

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