Monday, January 28, 2013

Non Roster Invitees: Outfielders

Continuing our look at the non-roster invitees to spring training in the Majors, here I will look at the Outfield Non Roster Invitees. First, a quick note on some of the numbers I am using.

Rv600 is what Stat Corner estimates would be the run value of a player over 600 plate appearances using their wOBA numbers. This value, like FRAA, Range Factor, and Speed Score, will only be the 2012 numbers, while the RBAT is career wise in the Majors and by it's nature, the odds system is career wise.
This gives us two defensive rankings, two offensive rankings, and one baserunning rankings, which seems to make sense with how we (or at least I) evaluate players.

I realize that Range Factor creates a bias towards centerfielders since their range factors are usually higher. I am fine with that bias, as it creates a positional adjustment. To be clear, I am only looking at 2012, and each player's OF number as a whole (so if a player played 10 games in left, 10 games in right, and 80 in center, then I am taking the combined number). For minor league players, we will obviously use RF/G since that is all that is available, but for MLB players, we will use the more reliable RF/9. Billy Hamilton's RF/G was left out since he played shortstop in 2012. This makes his ranking artificially low, especially since he showed very good range in the Arizona Fall League and should have elite range in center long term. He ranks 3rd, but he probably deserves to be first (like he does in the odds rankings). You should be able to view the spreadsheet below:

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