Saturday, August 4, 2012

Measuring Players Speed: Times to 1st

According to most scouts, the MLB average runner will make it from home to 1st in 4.2 seconds when running hard. While there are different speed rankings, metrics, and reputations posted all over the internet on players, I couldn't find a place that had times to first for most players. So I decided to gather some times of some games I watch and post them here. Hopefully when people look for a player's time on Google, they will directed here (if he is a player I have timed). The plan for now is to update every time I get 20 times (not counting ones I get for separate scouting reports or post on Twitter, @clinthulsey). This isn't supposed to be an exhaustive database, because it simply won't be. It is mainly for fun and curiosity sake, although they can be used for scouting reports (feel free to use them). It probably won't get updated very often because I usually don't sit there and time players very often (even when I do, it is actually sort of a rare that close plays happen at first, believe it or not). This will be mainly big league players, but I will sprinkle in some minor league players as well.

1.Logan Watkins (AA Cubs): 3.87

2.Brennan Boesch (Tigers): 4.15

3.Howie Kendrick (Angels): 4.02

4.Mark Trumbo (Angels): 4.60

5.Quintin Berry (Tigers): 3.63 (on a bunt) (3.91 on non-bunt)

6.Erick Aybar (Angels): 3.44 (on a bunt)

7.Alexi Amarista (Padres): 4.04

8.Angel Pagan (Giants): 3.87

9.Dan Uggla (Braves): 4.28 (4.17 on a separate time)

10.Pablo Sandoval (Giants): 4.35

11.Greg Rohan (Cubs AA): 4.19

12.Carl Crawford (Red Sox): 3.93 (10.69 on a triple)

13.Robinson Cano (Yankees) 4.24

14. Mitch Moreland (Rangers): 4.70

15. Endy Chavez (Orioles): 4.12

16. Elvis Andrus (Rangers) 4.06

17. Jacoby Ellsbury (Red Sox) 4.13

18. Peter Bourjos (Angels) 4.05 (3.69 on bunt)

19. Starling Marte (Pirates) 3.76

20. Steve Pearce (Astros) 4.48

If you have any times you would like to share, comment, email, or Twitter me them and I will post them on here (and give you credit of course).

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