Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Own Draft

This is sort of a "fantasy" draft, I almost decided to post this at Fantasy CPR. Here I am getting my own 40 guys from the draft (I didn't get one from the Supplemental Round) in relative order (meaning I could only take 2 in one round if I skipped a round, I noted some of the rounds I skipped, but not all of them).
The big rule was that I had to have seen the player, either in person or on TV. This disqualifies almost all high school players, as I have mainly seen college games (even though I have watched video on a lot of high school prospects).
If a guy doesn't sign, I just lose him like a normal team. So here are the players' the schools they went to, their position, and who they were drafted by.

I don't know how often I will update this, but certainly I will after the signing deadline passes to denote which ones signed and which ones didn't. I'll also try to keep up with the signing bonuses to see how much my players cost compared to other teams. This post was mainly for fun, but as their career's go along, I will update how they are doing compared to other team's drafts.

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