Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Mavericks: the typical Hollywood story

Its a story that was made in some lame Hollywood studio (and the NBA would know about acting). A team that hasn't won a title in their 30 years of existence, a team that has won 50 games every year for the past decade only to have playoff disappointment after disappointment, finally wins the championship.

You won't see me post much on basketball here, in fact it may be my only post, but this is special. Not just because its a championship, but because of the story and being emotionally tied to the team. I have grown up in Central/North/West Texas my whole life, and I remember Dirk coming to the Mavericks, I
even remember when Steve Nash played for them. I watched the 06 finals when the Mavs collapsed and Wade couldn't do wrong and anyone who touched him was immediately executed by the referees and sacrificed to the god Camazotz. I also remember last year, when the Mavericks had a great season, only to get their heads bashed in by the Spurs. So at the start of this season, I had no hope for the Mavericks. Even when they made the playoffs I, just like the majority of local radio hosts, had them losing in the first round to Portland. The 23 point collapse on April 23rd just seemed to confirm all the
pessimism towards the team. However, they bounced back and end up winning the series. Even more shocking was that the Lakers laid down and the Mavericks pounced, sweeping them. Then the Mavericks handled Oklahoma City, allowing even the most cynical Dallas fans (I might be the most) to allow for some hope. Watching Dirk run off the court into the hallway after the Mavs won the title was straight out of some corny sports film. The Heat played the role of every "bad guy" showboating
powerful team that gets beat at the end (of course watching Mike Bibby get minutes was more like watching the not-as-funny sequel to Grumpy Old Men). Its stories and moments like this that remind every sports fan why they waste all their lives listening to Stan Van Gundy yell out fragmented grunts into a microphone.

Bold Prediction: Mark Cuban's ego becomes so massive that it sues Cuba for all its worth, and succeeds the Castros and every citizen of the country will be forced to watch Shark Tank.  

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