Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Fourth Most Popular Sport in the States!

Musings on the Stanley Cup
It has been disappointing to see two of the games of the Stanley Cup finals appear on Versus, a NBC/GE/Comcast stepchild that most households don't receive. I guess NBC was too busy running the identical shows of America's Got Talent, and whatever other crappy American Idol ripoff show they happen to broadcast. Its been a very entertaining series that is now going to a game 7 and thankfully that will be on NBC. Its been a very strange series, as neither team can play on the road, especially Vancouver's goalie Roberto Luongo who is a god at home, but little more than the virgin that gets thrown in the volcano on the road.

Dallas Stars New coach?
The Dallas Starts appear to be naming Glen Gulutzan, their minor league coach, as their new coach.
This has to be a disappointing hire, this is a team that fell one game short of making the playoffs last year. However, they are most likely losing their super star and best scorer Brad Richards, and are having ownership problems as Tom Hicks is trying to see how many organizations in how many countries he can tank (I hear he owns a team in Yemen). I wasn't real sure why they fired Crawford after the season, they weren't expected to do anything and, as previously noted, nearly made the playoffs. For whatever reason, coaches in hockey and basketball aren't given much of a leash.

Bold Prediction: The Montreal Canadians somehow win the Stanley Cup  

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