Thursday, May 22, 2014

Masahiro Tanaka: Start Nine

Masahiro Tanaka's ninth start of the season, pitched against the Cubs in Chicago (the first team he has faced twice), was his worst outing of the year so far. While he still struck out seven and walked one, he gave up a season high four runs, a tied for season high eight hits, and a season low six innings. On a positive note, he did not give up a homer for the third straight start.

Here is his spin and speed chart from the outing:

Here are his average spin and speeds by pitch type:

Tanaka's release points:

Average release points by pitch type:

Tanaka's pitch locations:
Average pitch locations:

Tanaka's movement chart:

Tanaka's average pitch movement:

Here is Tanaka's average result locations:

Tanaka's average locations by platoon:

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