Monday, July 30, 2012

Scouting Reports on the Rangers and Padres AA

On Saturday July 28th 2012, I watched the Frisco Roughriders (Rangers AA) play the San Antonio Missions (Padres AA).

Missions Notes:

I haven't been on 1st baseman Nathan Freiman in other times I have seen him (his age has a little bit to do with it, his position does as well) but his bat is really growing on me. He has some serious power. He really smashed a hard line drive the other way and just got under a low fastball.
Edinson Rincon is listed as an outfielder but played 3rd base. He didn't show good reaction time or range there. Offensively, he takes some violent hacks and swing and miss is part of his game. He has some pop though and was hitting the ball hard. Here is some video of him homering off of rehabbing Mark Lowe:

Jake Blackwood had a big late whiff on a 3-1 fastball and another whiff later. He stood there looking at a breaking ball as well, part of a not very good day at the plate.
Jeudy Valdez is a skinny infielder with a bit of a strange batting stance where his hands are down. He has a propensity to chase breaking balls but makes solid contact. He has a pretty quick swing, just not great mechanics.
Cody Decker left a lot to be desired as far as plate discipline goes and is slow.
Catcher Jason Haggerty has a decent pull swing (although his bat speed is slow) and laid off breaking balls (catchers with patience always have value). He made some pretty good contact too and isn't too slow at 4.38 to first.
Kyung Min Na had a really bad error in left field and made a nice catch but nearly killed himself on the wall. At the plate, he didn't look good and had his bat shattered in one plate appearance. He is an above average runner though, at about 4:10 to 1st.

The starting pitcher for the Missions was the skinny right-hander Matt Jackson. He has a real easy delivery and was relying on contact. It didn't really look like he had swing and miss stuff but can locate his fastball on the low part of the zone. His breaking ball was thrown mainly against lefties it seemed and he had problems getting it to the plate. He also mixes in a change pretty well, as it looks pretty much the same as the fastball. Profar and Engel Beltre drove low fastballs really well and it seemed that there was just too much hard contact given up by Jackson. He wasn't walking guys though.

Tom Layne is a lefty that brings his arm back for deception. He isn't soft tossing, with a good looking fastball. His changeup got a whiff from Mitch Moreland. He faced 2 lefties, threw 5 pitches, got 2 outs, and then was taken out. Here is him throwing 1 pitch and fielding a comebacker from Engel Beltre:

Frisco Notes:

Jake Brigham started the game with a nice breaking ball to get Reymond Fuentes (Fuentes repeatedly chased breaking balls, which he got because he couldn't do anything with fastballs early in the count) swinging after setting him up with 2 fastballs. He was pitching to contact with his fastball for the most part but later got whiffs with it. His low fastball works as a sinker but his fastball command left him for a while. He broke out a separate curveball later that he can throw for strikes (and also provides some big time speed differential). He really fell in love with it all of the sudden and walked a batter on all curves. In the end, his fastball is his best pitch. Overall, it is safe to say he has big league stuff but minor league command. This can change of course. Here is some video of him.

Ross Wolf started his relief appearance with breaking balls he can throw for strikes and a fastball that didn't look impressive for the right hander. It is especially flat when he threw it high. Maybe if he can throw it down to right-handers he can have some success above AA. Here is some video:

Jurickson Profar got way under a ball (chasing a low pitch) on the first pitch in his first at-bat but later hit one hard that was low probably below the zone. Here is Profar facing reliever Daniel Stange:

 I timed Leury Garcia at 4.05 to 1st base, pretty quick for the middle infielder rumored to be traded. Catcher Zach Zaneski looked bad on breaking balls and was jammed badly on a fastball. While his arm looked weak in warmups, he made a couple really nice throws during the game and blocked balls well.

Here is Mitch Moreland (on rehab) batting:

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