Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Scouting Reports on J.T. Chargois and Pat Stover

Pat Stover of Santa Clara was drafted by the Oakland Athletics in the 7th round of the 2009 draft. He obviously didn't sign, and is draft eligible again. He was playing left field when I saw him. If he really is a corner outfielder, he has to really hit. I don't really like his swing, as he seems to get unbalanced and rob himself of power. He takes a step and then swats at the pitch it seems like. He counteracts this by having a good eye and plate discipline. He was pitched outside and wasn't really biting. Of course, the starter he faced didn't really appear to be a prospect. In one at-bat, after a called strike 2, he panicked and chased a curveball way out of the zone. Defensively, his arm isn't much to write about, but he is an above average runner on the basepaths and in the field. He can hit the breaking ball, and should make plenty of contact, but it appears he is a ground-ball hitter.
The guy I was a little more intrigued with was Lucas Herbst, the center fielder for Santa Clara. He hits lefty and has a good combo of size and speed. He is a good runner, and has good bat speed. He had one really long at-bat before striking out on a curve. Defensively, he doesn't really seem to have a good arm.

J.T. Chargois is a guy pegged by many to go in the supplemental round (the compensation picks between the 1st and 2nd rounds). The right-hander DHs for the Rice Owls, but his draft value is in his relief pitching. He has good velocity, as advertised, as he hit 95 MPH. It has a little tail, but its not really a "moving fastball". He throws it away to lefties and into righties. He also has a hard curve that has good speed differential, okay movement, and he can throw for strikes. He has a lot of confidence in the pitch and throws it a lot (at least when I saw him). He not only has swing and miss stuff, he also has ground-ball stuff. He keeps the ball low, can throw the breaking ball in the dirt, and in both sides of the zone. Every once in a while the breaking ball stayed up, but that was the only thing lacking polish. He doesn't have a starters delivery, but has bullpen ace stuff. He shouldn't have crazy splits, even though he seems to only have two pitches. Other than Damien Magnifico of Oklahoma (who I would pick over Chargois just because of fastball velocity and the slight chance he could be a starter), Chargois is the best relief prospect I have seen (I am not counting Stroman of Duke, who many people see as a future reliever because of his height).

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