Monday, December 12, 2011

The Astros resign Humberto Quintero

The Astros, the same day they received news that catcher Jason Castro is out at least 3 months with another injury, resigned Humberto Quintero to a 1 year 1 million dollar deal. In 2011, Q earned a -.1 WAR, and has a .07 WAR average over the last 3 years, obviously not worth a million dollars. He has been a terrible offensive player, with a -2.1 O-WAR, .268 OBP, and 58 OPS +. His Secondary Average is just .120, and just .087 ISO. His offensive winning percentage is just .247, further solidifying him as a well below replacement hitter, and he is a liability in the lineup as well with a 76 PPS. Defensively, he is much better, with an above average Range Factor and average fielding percentage. He throws out 32% of runners, above the league average of 28%. His defense makes up for his offense enough to make him replacement player. However, he still isn't worth a million dollars, and for a team that is lacking in both talent and money one wonders exactly what the Astros (and their interim GM) are thinking.

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