WASP, what it is, and how to calculate

How to calculate WASP (WAR and Salary Per):

WASP is a stat designed to measure the value of a player, by taking in both their performance and salary. Basically, it tries to measure whether a player is "worth it"

First, find the WAR (Wins after Replacement player, measures how many wins the player gives over a normal replacement player) of the certain player (whether for the season, or career, or whatever you want). You can do this by going to baseballreference.com and searching the players name, it will be included in their statistics. Then find the salary of the player over the amount of time, both baseballreference.com and baseballplayersalaries.com are good sites on this. Then, because everyone in the Majors make at least 6 figures, drop the last 3 zeros (if the last three numbers are not zeros, turn that into a decimal). Then, if the WAR is positive, divide the salary number you have left by the WAR (such as 500/4.3). If the WAR is negative or 0, turn it positive and add 2 (such as -.9 turns into 2.9) and then MULTIPLY it by the salary. Then you have your WASP.
The "Halladay Standard" is 3000. If a player has a higher WASP (as higher numbers are worse), then they are not worth the money they are making.